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Prospecting For Network Marketing Gold

Are you still using the old school "3 foot rule" to prospecting? If so, hows that working for you? I will tell you that many people resent being approached by complete strangers peddling their business opportunities. Ask me how I know.

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Even as I practiced this "3 foot rule" method years ago, I knew I would have to find another way to present my business. Back then, I had no knowledge of the "Law of Attraction" or "Attraction Marketing", I just followed the direction of my up-line sponsor.

Today, most informed network marketers use some form of attraction marketing as a way to prospect. While others feel that attraction marketing takes too long. Whether you use attraction marketing or not, there are a couple things you want to keep in mind during your prospecting activities:

1. Not everyone will be interested in your business opportunity , even if they like you as a person - so don't be offended. Maintain your relationship with this person. You would be surprised at the number of people come back to you and reconsider your opportunity.

2. Listen to your prospect. This may seem obvious but you really need to pay attention. Do not sell. By listening you can ask questions that reveal the prospects "why". If the prospects why is big enough, you may have yourself a "golden nugget".

Why is the prospects "why" so important? Its your first indicator of the prospects motivation to succeed. If your prospect comes across more as a "curious George", than someone who is truly motivated to success at a home business, it would be good to find that out, before you invest your time.

Finding out a persons why is not the only thing you should be listening for when prospecting, but it should top your list of things to find out as soon as possible. Theres gold in dem there prospects, but you have to proactively listen to find it.

Hows your prospecting working for you?

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