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The Latest Trends in Enterprise Technology

As technology develops, it is sometimes a chore to keep abreast of all the latest advances. If you're the owner of a UK business, actually keeping updated will benefit your corporation in a number of different ways. Here are a few of the latest trends that you should utilise whether in your London serviced workplace or out around England. By implementing these latest technological trends, you'll then make your business operations more streamlined through better collaboration, targeted marketing strategies and higher security measures.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing

Instead of storing your companys data on your workplace servers and having your employees remotely access this through a secure VPN, the trend has been to move to utilising cloud computing instead.Here, files are stored in a British distribution centre alongside the data from several other companies. Your workers then have access to this information from your executive suite or out on the road wherever they have a net connection. Since these centres are run by agencies focusing primarily on cloud-based services, they can put a lot more effort into making the data transfer and storage as safe and secure as possible.

A Growing Mobile Audience

With the rise in popularity of smartphones, it should come as no surprise that they are now being hailed as the next big marketing phenomenon. These devices also allow British employees to stay productive out of the office, blurring the line between work and home life. Thus, you'll need to focus on several aspects such as:

  • Utilising mobile marketing to it's fullest potential
  • Allowing your staff to work securely from home
  • Creating mobile apps for your business

All of this will then let you utilise these amazing devices despite the fact that your customers and staff can be anywhere in the UK.

Higher Online Security

As we rely on the internet more and more, we have to be aware of the potential for damage that hackers, viruses and spyware provide. So that you avoid file corruption or data leaks in your Gloucester office space or via an employees home internet connection, you'll need to take advantage of one of the many security advances that have taken place recently.This is especially important as more people work remotely through their laptops and smartphones, which then provides a number of loopholes for online attacks. Implement strategies such as two-step authentication in your company so that your important information is kept safe.

Smarter Networking

Whereas before, networks we're simple objects containing a few computers and a server, today, they are much more complex. They are also smarter too, handling a multiple tasks including retail transactions and high speed currency trading. Both within the workplace and across England, these networks will handle all of your corporate tasks. Thus, you'll need to make sure that everything is secure and efficient. Whether your employees are collaborating on a project while situated in your shared offices or your customers are browsing your selection of products and services over the internet, utilising these dynamic networks will make the job much easier for all.

M2M Connectivity

Lastly, new developments allow different machines to talk to each other in a more efficient manner. Both in the workplace and around the UK, this can manifest itself in a number of forms such as:

  • Getting your laptop to wirelessly connect with the office printer
  • Using your smartphone to change the conference projector settings
  • Uploading your next meeting destination into your cars GPS device
  • A CPU that controls energy output by linking with connected devices

As you can see, there is plenty of potential for improving your corporate operations by implementing this sort of machine to machine (M2M) technology.

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