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Do you want 1,000 genuine Facebook Page Likes Fast?!

Now, I'll be the first to admit that internet marketing isn't the most sexy or exiting of topics but this process works whether your business sells candles, promotes your band, sells bikes, hell it will work in promoting just about any Facebook Page. This is the process.

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About you. Be sure to fill in what your page is about in the About section, this will improve the pages optimization.

Now for the Secret ingredients. Follow this formula and Iguaranteeyou 1,000+ likes!

Promote and market your page. Now this is the really important part. You need to have a strategy for how you are going to engage with your followers and keep them interested in your page. It is crucial that your Facebook Page gets engagement from people who like your page in order to ensure that you keep your page high up in Facebooks news feed. I'll write more on this subject in a separate blog. So, what would a Page promotion look like?

Firstly, understand your audience. Define what they like and want, and ensure that your page delivers a steady stream of engaging, relevant posts.

For example, let's say you had an online store selling Horse products. What would your Promotion strategy look like?

a. Build a community . Post 1 inspirational image or a funny image daily involving horses and animals. These posts will be super relevant to your target audience and generally always get lots of likes, reads and shares, which is exactly what you want. Having a community of people who look forward to your daily post is an incredibly powerful way of generating a loyal following.

b. Blog and position yourself as an expert . Write interesting and engaging articles about horses and equine events. This will position you and your business as a leader to your target market, I've spoken extensively about this in previous blogs. People like to feel that they are dealing with an expert.

c. Graphics. Ensure that your blogs have great images and graphics.

C. Ask questions of your followers. Post pictures and ask your followers to comment.

D. Run a competition. Run a monthly competition where one lucky winner gets a prize for liking and sharing your post.

E. Promote your page on Facebook. You can run a page promotion on Facebook.

I would suggest spending around $8-10/day on a Page Promotion,until the page gathers some momentum . Ideally, be specific with Facebook about the demographic you want to see the add, i.e. age, sex, location etc. This page promotion will then show up in the news feed or on the side of that target demographic. Ideally run the promotion with a call to action headline banner, for example, "Check out Horse direct for all of the latest information, news and products!"

F. Boost specific posts. I would suggest Boosting specific posts, ideally your own blogs to your target demographic this massively increases the reach of these posts. A realistic budget is $5-8 per post. If the post is engaging, relevant and targeted enough, a lot of the people will read the blog and will like and share it, driving more traffic to your Blog site and resulting in more page likes.

G. Give free gifts , such as e-books, white papers and articles. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, so give people who like and share your page something of value to them for nothing, just ask that they like and share your Facebook Page.

H. Be consistent . To keep your followers engaged and your Facebook Page relevant, post regularly, ideally at the same time. For example, I try to post an interesting quote or funny picture every morning around the same time, that way people will come to expect and hopefully look forward to your posts!

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