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ABDevelopment's Drop Ship List

I don't know if you have ever searched for companies that will drop ship for you. There is a lot of absolute tat out there, and most of it can be found on Ebay. You've maybe seen the sort of thing, 'Ultimate Dropship List', ' Dropship List 200 Dropshippers', etc. etc.

What you are getting is a tired old list of web sites where the company either is not a drop shipper at all, or they are offering cheap and nasty stuff that nobody in their right mind would buy, or the web site just plain doesn't exist any more. How old are some of these lists, and does anybody EVER bother checking them before they put them up for sale?

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So the same day I get my 'Welcome' email from Ashley at ABDevelopment, I also get another email. It's got a Word document attached, 'DropShipperList.doc'. I was impressed. These guys really want to get moving, this is great. I opened the doc file I'd been sent. It was 32 pages long and was categorised into sections such as 'GIFT PRODUCTS & COLLETIBLES' (yes, the spelling really was that bad), 'HOBBY SUPPLIES', etc. At first glance this didn't seem too bad. Then I started to look a bit closer. A significant number of those listed didn't have web sites. What was the point in listing them ? I couldn't even see the products they had. A lot of them also had the same web site details. There would be a listing in one category for a company, a listing in a different category for a completely different company, but they had the same web site listed ! No, it wasn't a directory, and there we're a significant number listed like that. I checked through some of the rest. Sites that did not exist, companies that didn't drop ship etc. I felt this list was every bit as bad as the garbage you would pick up on eBay for 99 cents. Except that I had just paid out $8000 to get it !!!

Ok, I decided I was going to keep calm. They had sent me a list I hadn't even been expecting, so there was no point in saying I thought it was useless if it wasn't even going to be relevant to me.I felt sure that ABDevelopment knew what they we're doing. After all the talk I had heard over the previous few weeks I felt sure that this must a mistake. Besides, Glenn Canady obviously trusted these people. I was doing his Gorilla Website Marketing Course and he had chosen ABDevelopment as the people to do it for him.

Tomorrow I'll cover my first assignment. The fiasco surrounding that, and further worries that maybe ABDevelopment we're not as on the ball as they should be.

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