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Profile: Tao Agency and Game Cinema HD

As mentioned before, we have a more in depth profile of Wes Keltner and his companies, The Tao Agency and Game Cinema HD. Wes has been at the forefront of helping companies use new technology in new ways to build a brand including work for Ford, and American Apparel.

Wes landed his first client by taking second place in a college Business plan competition and using the money to buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles to pitch prospective clients. He landed American Apparel and built a copy of one of their locations within Second Life with the ability to buy virtual clothes for your avatar or real clothes for yourself.

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What is your 30 second pitch for the TAO Agency?

We're an experimental advertising agency that specializes in connecting a brand's message with current technological trends. We meld the nerdy science and tech worlds with the sexy world of advertising.

What is the 30 second pitch for GCHD?

It's consumer reports for gamers, online, on the iphone and on the largest HD screen in Times Square.Our content includes full reviews, previews, world exclusive video game trailers and high resolution screenshots.

What do you attribute the quick success you had in pitching prospects?

I attribute my early success to right place, right time and a lot of luck.I dug around trying to find that "next thing now" and simply rolled the dice. American Apparel liked the idea and the price was right. Funny thing about that, pricing, I had no idea what to charge when I was there in their conference room pitching the idea. They told me how much they could spend on this little experiment. I said "funny thing, that's exactly how much it costs"(laughs)

What have been the advantages/disadvantages of building a company like this in Kentucky?

The advantages are that I get to stay close to friends and family, that is important.I like that I can walk into the bank I chose for my company and everyone there knows my name. It makes me feel special I guess.I like that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone at the Chamber, or call the Vice Mayor or if I need to use The Red Mile Racetrack as a location for a casting call, I can with one phone call.You can't do that as easily in a larger city. I walk into Deauville or Metropol to grab something to eat or drink after work and I always bump into someone "important". Small towns like Lexington still produce big ideas and important people.It's just easier to get their attention.

The disadvantages for us have been Finding Talent. Both talent for gamecinemahd and tao. We need hosts to be on our video series that talks about video games. We need script writers.We need video game reviewers with past experience or at least a journalism major.

What are some of the areas in technology your beginning to work in now?

QR Codes have been around awhile (quick response codes, kinda like UPC) but we're experimenting with ways to take that technology and apply it to the mobile and OOH areas .(OOH = out of home advertising, like billboards or Times Square).We're also deep into both the iPhone and Google Android and experimenting with ways that brands can make a large impact there.In Game Advertising has always been exciting to us, but we haven't seen it done really well yet. So as games mature along with the audiences, there will be more innovative ways to advertise brands inside games.And that is what gets us excited about diving into in-game advertising.

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