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I thought the stereotypes we're dead. They aren't.

I thought the stereotypes we're dead. They aren't. A quick surf of the internet proved that to me today.

I read message board after message board filled with ideas for how to get ahead in your career that included such techniques as sucking up to the boss, being the first into the office and last out, working weekends, bringing goodies and coffee to higher-ups, keeping your mouth shut, and the list just got worse from there.

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Advancing your career within your workplace is not something you can achieve with empty gestures and spin. Organizations do not need employees who simply spout the party line when asked for their ideas, and they don't promote you for bringing everyone coffee or remembering the boss's birthday.

Besides, faking it all the time sounds like a lot of work to me. I would rather take it easy and focus on doing what I love and being my authentic self. It's easier to keep track of !

So at the risk of throwing a great many posers off of their game, here are 3 tips for advancing your career in your workplace that don't require you to sell your soul to get ahead:

  1. Do a good job:Perform all the duties of your position at as high a level as possible so that you are thinking like a CEO and owning the work you do. Employees who put their heart into their work and are accountable get promoted.
  2. Know your strengths:It's the new world of work, so you can stop putting all your energy into "fixing" your weaknesses and start putting all your energy into doing what you do well. Organizations want individuals and individual talent so inventory your strengths and use what you've got to really shine. Employees who help the company meet it's objectives using their natural abilities get promoted.
  3. Don't ignore your internal clients:Having an attitude of service towards your co-workers, counterparts and colleagues is as important as the one you have for your clients. Find out more about how you can lend your strengths to their projects, get to know how their work fits into the organization. Build your internal network and do what you can to help them. Employees with a reputation for service and strong organizational perspective get promoted.

BOTTOM LINE: work hard, know yourself, help others, and do it all with authenticity.

So just relax and be your best authentic self at work. It's the jet fuel for your rise to the top!

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