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Emotion A Key Factor In Marketing

On more than one occasion I've blogged about the importance of recognizing emotion as a key factor in marketing. We live in a world that's absolutely inundated with advertising and marketing messages. And it's also a world full of options.

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Take your supper meal for example. A lot has changed over the years. In the 40s, a plate of spaghetti as a meal for a Canadian family was not common. Spaghetti was a foreign food. Now, boxes of pasta in the pantry cupboard are a staple.

Thanks to modern packaging, storage, delivery and preservation techniques, our cupboards are full of a massive range of food options. There are hundreds of affordable out-of-the-box meal possibilities. So, how does one distinguish itself from another.

Those who do it well use emotion.

Have a look at these three commercials and watch the progression from practical advice-giving to strictly emotion-based advertising.


In this first one, I don't know about you, but I definitely feel like I'm being sold to throughout the clip. The actor is speaking directly to me telling and then to the creepy hand. Then, the hand explains features and benefits of Hamburger Helper. It's easy, it's affordable and according to the little girl it's good. But there is no real attempt at connecting with my emotions.


In this clip we're told that the family will smile about their Hamburger Helper supper. I suppose that's implying some emotion, but in my opinion it's a weak attempt. And when competing against today's taco kits, frozen pizzas, boil-in-a-bag Chinese food, chunky canned soups, microwavable meals and plethora of fast food delivery options, I don't think it would make the grade.


Finally, this clip does two things to connect with your emotions. First, you can't help but chuckle when the dad catches himself. So right away, you're enjoying yourself as you watch the clip. And then, he's back to running, just like his kids. This demonstrates a level of excitement about the dinner. So as you watch this 15-second commercial, General Mills is hoping that you'll feel excited and happy while thinking about Hamburger Helper. Will it cause you to rush out and buy a box? Probably not. But it might mean that when you're in the boxed food aisle of your grocery store and you spot the Hamburger Helper, you'll have positive thoughts about it. (You already know that Hamburger Helper is affordable and easy to make.)

What are your thoughts on the use of emotion in marketing? Which of these commercials would be most likely to lead you to add a box to your shopping cart today?

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