Commodities We Buy:


Steel Iron Cast Iron

Non- Ferrous:

Copper Brass Aluminum
Catalytic Converters Lead/Acid Batteries Stainless Steel
Lead Electric Motors Radiators
Insulated Wires Machinery

Items We Do Not Buy:

We want to help you recycle every piece of material, however we do not buy or recieve:

Televisions Microwaves NiCad/Lithium Batteries
Whole Vehicles
Oil Filled Equipment
Wood PCB’s
Freon Filled Equipment
Asbestos GARBAGE!!

Special Items:

Have a special item or request? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

“We make every effort to help our customers recycle everything and anything! I’m committed to my customers – if we can’t do it, we’ll find the right people for the job. I have more then 25 years in the recycling industry and I put it to work for our customers everyday. My promise to my customers is what brings them back everytime. Top prices, top quality service, and a better environment for everyone!”
– Mark Babins, President